UK winner takes Tuesday’s £115m National Lottery jackpot

بريطاني يربح 115 مليون استرليني في سحب يانصيب

One UK ticket-holder has started the New Year £115m richer after hitting the jackpot in Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw.

The National Lottery said the player has become the fourth biggest winner in UK history by taking the entire £114,969,775.70 jackpot.

A further 10 players also pocketed £1 million each in the New Year’s Day draw.

A very Happy New Year
Andy Carter, senior winners’ adviser at The National Lottery, said: “What a start to 2019 for UK EuroMillions players.

“All players are urged to check their tickets to see if they are a big winner and can turn 2019 into one long celebration.”

The winning main EuroMillions numbers were 01, 08, 11, 25, 28 and the winning EuroMillions Lucky Star numbers were 04 and 06.

The New Year’s Day win follows a series of high profile lottery prizes in recent years.

In July 2011, Colin and Chris Weir became the biggest lottery winners in the UK – and across Europe – when they scooped more than £161 million.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford, from Suffolk, took home more than £148 million in August 2012, while the biggest prize awarded in the country in 2018 was £121 million, handed to an anonymous winner in April.

And last November, builder Andrew Clark, 51, from Boston, Lincolnshire, discovered he had won £76 million – six weeks after the draw.

He said he stockpiled tickets in his van, only checking them every three months.

But at least he hadn’t ripped up his winning ticket, unlike a retired couple from Scotland who almost missed out on their £58 million National Lottery win in August 2018.

Fred and Lesley Higgins, from Aberdeenshire, was told by a shop assistant that their ticket wasn’t a winner so they tore it up and chucked it in the bin.

It was only after a message on a lottery terminal at the local shop told them to keep hold of the ripped ticket and call operator Camelot they realised they had become two of the richest people in the UK.

In December 2018, Camelot revealed it had made some changes to the bi-weekly lottery which used to guarantee a one million pound cash prize.

But that was dropped and the company said bigger cash prizes in the main Lottery game will make up for the change, but the new rules mean that players will only win £1 million if they match five balls plus the bonus ball – there is no longer any other way to hit the jackpot.

Additional reporting by Press Association

استقبل حامل بطاقة يانصيب في بريطانيا العام الجديد 2019 بخبر سعيد، حيث ربح 115 مليون جنيه استرليني (7ر146 مليون دولار) في سحب “يورو مليونز” اليوم الأربعاء.

وأصبح حامل البطاقة رابع أكبر فائز باليانصيب في تاريخ المملكة المتحدة، بفوزه بالجائزة الكبرى التي تبلغ قيمتها الإجمالية 775ر969ر114 مليون جنيه استرليني، حسبما ذكرت جمعية اليانصيب الوطني في بريطانيا.

كما فاز عشرة أشخاص بمليون جنيه استرليني لكل منهم في سحب العام الجديد.

ونشر منظمو الجائزة الكبرى تغريدة على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي “تويتر” جاء فيها: “حصد الفائز المحظوظ بسحب يورو مليونز على 9ر114 مليون جنيه استرليني، فليبدأ الاحتفال”.

وحملت بطاقات اليانصيب الفائزة بسحب “يورو مليونز” أرقام 01، 08، 11، 25، 28، بينما حملت بطاقات اليانصيب الفائزة بسحب “يورو مليونز لاكي ستار” أرقام 04، 06.

وفي يوليو 2011، أصبح كولين وكريس واير، من اسكتلندا، أكبر فائزين باليانصيب في المملكة المتحدة وفي أوروبا، عندما ربحا أكثر من 161 مليون جنيه استرليني.

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