QSTP renews partnership deal with Qatar Shell

«واحة قطر» تجدد الشراكة مع «شل» في التعاون التكنولوجي

Doha: Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), part of Qatar Foundation Research, Development and Innovation (QF RDI), renewed its partnership with Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre (QSRTC) at a signing ceremony yesterday.

Under the agreement, the two parties have committed to renewing their decade-long partnership of research and technological cooperation, to support Qatar on its journey towards becoming a sustainable, diversified economy.

The ceremony, held at QSTP, was attended by distinguished guests and representatives from both entities, with Yosouf Abdulrahman Saleh, Executive Director, QSTP, and Hussain Al Hijji, Vice President, QSRTC, signing the partnership renewal agreement.

The continued partnership between QSTP and QSRTC signifies their joint resolve and commitment to the development and implementation of sustainable and innovative technologies that address Qatar’s energy needs, and carry the potential for global impact. Qatar Shell, in partnership with QSTP, launched QSRTC as an anchor tenant at QSTP in 2008 to execute the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Saleh said, “The partnership renewal is testament to our commitment to support new technology development programs and develop innovative new products, by forming strong and engaging partnerships with our tenants and regional research institutions. I would also like to commend the whole QSRTC team for their remarkable journey at QSTP, and reassure them that we will continue to support them as they join us, along with our other tenants, in helping to foster a thriving research, development, and innovation ecosystem in Qatar.”

Al Hijji said, “This continued partnership focuses on developing and deploying innovative technologies that aim to use Qatar’s resource-rich subsurface to its full potential.

“As part of this ambition, QSRTC is focusing on technologies that can help to reduce the footprint of Qatar Shell’s Pearl GTL asset – the world’s largest GTL plant – and creating future pathways to further monetize gas streams in Qatar. For this, QSRTC has an active program of collaborations with the academic community in Qatar and abroad, which connects local researchers to Shell’s R&D and leading institutions worldwide, and trains Qatari leaders in the energy sector.

“All this is leveraged by our presence in QSTP, which provides a world-class facility; proximity to assests, industrial knowledge, and academia; and the unique ability to execute pilot projects like our research on wetlands and water distillation.”

Dr Richard O’Kennedy, Vice-President, QF RDI, said, “Our partnership with Qatar Shell has developed implementable world-class technologies.

“Our support for Qatar Shell and QSRTC is aligned with nationwide efforts to promote sustainable and diversified development projects, as reflected by QSRTC’s exemplary work in efficient management of hydrocarbons and sustainable use of water – a key challenge for Qatar and the region. I am confident that the milestones we achieve together will have a remarkable impact on the lives of our current and future generations.”

Andrew Faulkner, Managing Director and Chairman, Qatar Shell, said: “Innovation and technology are vital to providing more and cleaner energy solutions in a world transitioning to a low carbon energy system. We consider R&D a fundamental part of Shell’s past and future success. Therefore we are delighted to continue our presence at QSTP.

“It has been important from the beginning that we make a lasting contribution to the growth and sustainability of Qatar’s economy and society. Our R&D activities, in close collaboration with a variety of Qatari parties and international universities, will have a positive impact on Qatar in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.”

جددت واحة قطر للعلوم والتكنولوجيا -عضو قطاع البحوث والتطوير والابتكار بمؤسسة قطر- أمس، شراكتها مع مركز «شل قطر» للبحوث والتكنولوجيا. وبموجب الاتفاقية، يتابع الطرفان شراكتهما المستمرة منذ عقد كامل، وتركز على التعاون البحثي والتكنولوجي، بما يدعم مسيرة قطر في بناء اقتصاد متنوع ومستدام. حضر حفل التوقيع، الذي دارت فعالياته في واحة قطر للعلوم والتكنولوجيا، نخبة بارزة من الضيوف ومسؤولي المؤسستين، تقدّمهم يوسف عبدالرحمن صالح المدير التنفيذي لواحة قطر للعلوم والتكنولوجيا، وحسين الحجي نائب رئيس مركز شل قطر للبحوث والتكنولوجيا. ويبرهن تجديد الشراكة بين الطرفين عن التزامهما الراسخ بتطوير تقنيات مبتكرة ومستدامة تتصدى للتحديات التي تواجه دولة قطر في مجال الطاقة، وتحمل في طياتها القدرة على إحداث تأثير عالمي إيجابي. وقال يوسف عبدالرحمن صالح، المدير التنفيذي لواحة قطر للعلوم والتكنولوجيا: «نحن سعداء بتجديد شراكتنا مع شل قطر التي مكّنت مركز شل قطر للبحوث والتكنولوجيا، خلال العقد الماضي من تطوير تقنيات متطورة تتصدى لتحديات الطاقة والاستدامة التي لا تواجهها قطر فحسب، بل المنطقة والعالم بأسره». وأعرب حسين الحجي -نائب رئيس مركز شل قطر للبحوث والتكنولوجيا- عن فخره بتجديد الشراكة، وقال: «تركز هذه الشراكة المستمرة على تطوير وتطبيق تقنيات ابتكارية تسعى إلى استغلال الموارد التي يختزنها باطن قطر على أفضل وجه».;

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