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PCC available through Metrash2 and MoI web portal

تدشين خدمة استصدار شهادة حسن السيرة والسلوك إلكترونيا

Doha: The Criminal Evidence and Information Department of the Ministry of Interior yesterday announced the launch of service of issuing certificates of good conduct (PCC) through Metrash2 and Ministry of Interior’s web portal.

The Criminal Evidence and Information Department of the Ministry of Interior also opened an office for the issuance of certificates of good conduct (Police Clearance Certificate) at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (ADLSA) headquarters.

The office will facilitate citizens wishing to obtain these certificates for employment in government agencies or to provide them to the institutions enrolled by students abroad. The office opened in collaboration with ADLSA. The opening of the office was decided after monitoring and counting large numbers of transactions last year which amounted to about 12,000 transactions.

Apart from receiving applications for PCC, the office has a section to provide fingerprint services for those who do not have saved fingerprint data.

The office will receive new applications and follow-up requests from 7:30am to 1:00pm.

In the same context, the Criminal Evidence and Information Department, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Information Systems, has launched the service of issuing these certificates to all citizens and residents through the application of Metrash2 or MoI web portal.

Brigadier Nasser Abdullah Al Mahmoud, Director of Criminal Evidence and Information Department said that this office is intended to receive applications for certificates of good conduct for citizens applying for government jobs and Qatari students enrolled abroad.

“The Criminal Evidence and Information Department has provided all the needs of the office with trained staff for two sections; first for women and the second for men. The citizens whose fingerprints have not been saved before can complete the biometrics and apply for a certificate of good conduct from the office directly,” Brig Al Mahmoud said.

He also said that Metrash2 service is an additional service, available to all citizens and residents. “What this service requires from applicants from outside the country is to have an ID number and a fingerprint stored with the department. The applicants can track the status of the application through the app as well.”

On how much time PCC takes in issuing a certificate, Brig Al Mahmoud said: “It depends on the type of service being applied for. The service is now available for individuals, where the individual can request for himself or for one of his family members through Metrash 2 or the Ministry of the Interior website.”

دشنت وزارة الداخلية اليوم الأحد ممثلة بالإدارة العامة لنظم المعلومات وإدارة الأدلة والمعلومات الجنائية خدمة استصدار شهادة حسن السيرة والسلوك، عبر موقع الوزارة الإلكتروني وتطبيق مطراش2.

وتتمثل خطوات استصدار شهادة حسن السيرة والسلوك عبر الموقع الإلكتروني لوزارة الداخلية وتطبيق مطراش2، في التالي:

-الدخول للموقع الإلكتروني أو التطبيق

-اختيار الخدمات العامة، اختيار شهادة حسن السيرة و السلوك، تعبئة البيانات

-رفع المرفقات المطلوبة

-إدخال بيانات بطاقة الدفع وإرسال الطلب

-استلام رسالة بعد تنفيذ العملية

PCC available through Metrash2 and MoI web portal

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