MME introduces students to Sidr tree

جولة لطلاب «خليفة النموذجية» بحديقة اللقطة

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment, represented by the Public Parks Department, has organised an agricultural event ‘Under Sidr Tree’ to introduce students to one of the most important components of the natural heritage in home gardens.

The move aims at reviving the relationship between the human and the larger trees in the house, which was considered a member of the family. The students participated in the third and fifth grades of Al Bayan Second Primary School for Girls within the activities of the Social Department. Professor Maryam Al Dosari, biological expert at Public Parks Department educated students about Sidr tree. During the event, a workshop was held to cultivate seasonal flowers and aromatic plants and coordinate their colors.

The students demonstrated a beautiful and promising engagement with agriculture, coordinating the garden and knowledge of the plants of folk heritage to exchange with their grandmothers, and learn more about Sidr.

نظمت إدارة الحدائق العامة بوزارة البلدية والبيئة جولة تعريفية في حديقة اللقطة لطلاب مدرسة خليفة النموذجية للبنين. كان في استقبال الطلبة مريم الدوسري -خبير بيولوجي أول بإدارة الحدائق العامة- التي اصطحبتهم في جولة تعريفية داخل الحديقة، بالإضافة إلى استكشاف الكائنات الفطرية فيها.

وقد استمتع الطلاب خلال الزيارة بهذه الجولة، وبالألعاب والخدمات المتاحة في الحديقة.;

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