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Historical flags installed outside NMoQ

أعلام قطر التاريخية تزيّن واجهة المتحف الوطني

Doha: Qatar Museums (QM) has installed a collection of historical flags outside of the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) in celebration of Qatar National Day.

The brilliant display of flags pays homage to the rich cultural history of the country, whist illustrating the evolution of the design. Historically, the story of the birth and development of the national flag, known as “Al Adaam”, highlights many of the landmark events in Qatar History.

The flags on display represent the journey of the country from approximately 1916 to 2012 where H H The Father Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani issued a decree that brought back the original light maroon colour of the flag, thus representing an ode to continuity and tradition in the country. This initiative comes as part of QM’s continued efforts to increase awareness of Qatar’s history, develop appreciation and respect for its heritage, and put communities in touch with their past.

NMoQ is housed within a spectacular new building designed by architect Jean Nouvel, which will open to the public on March 28, 2019 under the patronage of H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

The immersive and experiential NMoQ tells the story of the people and the land of Qatar from earliest times until today, giving voice to the country’s rich heritage and culture and expressing a vibrant community’s aspirations for the future. The NMoQ embraces, as its centerpiece, the restored historic Palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani (1880-1957), son of the founder of modern Qatar: a building that in former times was both the home of the Royal Family and the seat of government and was subsequently the site of the original National Museum.

زيَّنت متاحف قطر الواجهة الخارجية لمبنى متحف قطر الوطني بمجموعة من الأعلام التاريخية، احتفالاً باليوم الوطني لدولة قطر. وتأتي هذه اللفتة الرائعة تقديراً للتاريخ الثقافي الغني لدولة قطر، وتسليطاً للضوء على مراحل تطور العلم القطري. وتلقي قصة نشأة وتطور العلم الوطني لدولة قطر أو «الأدعم»، الضوء على الكثير من الأحداث المهمة في تاريخ قطر. وتعكس هذه البادرة الجهود المتواصلة لمتاحف قطر لزيادة الوعي بالتاريخ القطري، وزيادة التقدير والاحترام لتراث قطر ومد جسور التواصل بين الجيل الحالي والماضي.;

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