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Amir’s Malaysia visit to focus more on economic cooperation

زيارة الأمير الى ماليزيا تهدف للتركيز على التعاون الاقتصادي

Kuala Lumpur & Doha: Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani arrived yesterday evening in Kuala Lumpur on a working visit to Malaysia. H H the Amir was welcomed upon arrival at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, Saifuddin Abdullah, Qatar’s Ambassador to Malaysia Fahad Mohammed Kafood and members of the Qatari Embassy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia described H H the Amir’s working visit to Malaysia and his talks with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as an excellent opportunity for both leaders to discuss bilateral matters, as well as exchange views on a range of international issues of common concern and mutual interests.

In a press release issued yesterday, the Malaysian Foreign Ministry said that H H the Amir is scheduled to have a meeting with Prime Minister of Malaysia, followed by a session of official talks in the presence of the accompanying delegation of H H the Amir and a number of senior Malaysian officials.

This visit will mark the first official meeting between H H the Amir and Prime Minister of Malaysia since Dr Mahathir took office in May. In a statement issued yesterday, Ambassador of Malaysia to Qatar, Dato Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin, said that the visit of H H the Amir will further enhance bilateral ties between the two countries which is currently at its highest level. He said overall the visit shall focus more on economic cooperation between Malaysia and Qatar.

“Total trade between Malaysia and Qatar has increased by two-fold in 10 years, from $320m in 2007 to $670m in 2017. I believe that with the current warm and close bilateral relations at the political level will provide an excellent and strong foundation for a more active and meaningful economic cooperation,” he said. The ambassador expressed appreciation on the opportunities and confidence given by the Qatar to Malaysian companies participating in various Qatari development projects.

“I must admit that the Doha-based Malaysian companies such as Gamuda, WCT Engineering, Muhibbah Engineering, Eversendai, Malaysia Airport Consultancy Services and Holiday Villa Hotel look forward to participate in more development projects in Qatar,” he said.

“Under the new administration, Malaysia would like to continue encouraging Qatari businesses to invest in Malaysia, particularly in new growth areas in both the manufacturing and services sectors,” he added.

He said that the current state of bilateral relations between Malaysia and Qatar is at its highest level as manifested by the exchange of high level visits.

“It is envisaged that these visits will enhance Malaysia-Qatar relations especially in trade and investment, education, women and community development, anti-corruption, and also to forge closer personal relations with Qatari leaders,” he stressed.

The envoy added: “I am of the view that His Highness second visit to Malaysia will enhance on the opportunity to discuss ways and means and to further strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries, as well as exchange views on various issues that are of mutual concern and common interests with the Qatari leaders.”

“The anti-corruption initiatives by H H the Amir is relatively similar to the initiative that Malaysia has embarked on under the new Government. Combating the scourge of corruption is one of the promises in the new Government’s policy. In this regard, Malaysia welcomes any possible areas of cooperation on anticorruption between Malaysia and Qatar,” he said.

He stressed Malaysia welcomes collaboration with Qatar in the areas of fighting corruption, managing immigrant workers and capacity building in enhancing integrity in civil service and business sectors. He thanked the Qatari Government for the kind invitation and the excellent arrangements and hospitality accorded to the Malaysian official delegation during the recent visit of Dr. Wan Azizah Dr. Wan Ismail, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Women, Family and Community Development of Malaysia.

He said Qatar and Malaysia are set to establish a Joint High-Level Committee and to reactivate the Joint Technical Committee which will serve as a platform to monitor progress in enhancing and followup on bilateral and economic ties.

The two committees are expected to establish their meetings in the first quarter of next year.

صاحب السمو يلتقي رئيس الوزراء الماليزي

التقى حضرة صاحب السمو الشيخ تميم بن حمد آل ثاني أمير البلاد المفدى، مع دولة الدكتور مهاتير محمد رئيس وزراء ماليزيا، بمكتبه في العاصمة كوالالمبور صباح اليوم.

جرى خلال اللقاء استعراض العلاقات الثنائية بين البلدين وسبل دعمها وتعزيزها في مختلف المجالات، للوصول بمستواها إلى آفاق أرحب .

كما تبادل سمو الأمير ودولة الدكتور مهاتير محمد وجهات النظر حول عدد من القضايا الإقليمية والدولية بما فيها الأزمة اليمنية والأزمة السورية .

كما تناول اللقاء جهود ماليزيا المقدرة لمساعدة اللاجئين الروهينغا، حيث اتفق الجانبان على تكثيف الجهود الإنسانية والأعمال الخيرية لمساعدة اللاجئين في محنتهم.

وتناول اللقاء أيضا الأزمة الخليجية، حيث أعرب دولة رئيس الوزراء الماليزي عن ضرورة حلها بالحوار والطرق الدبلوماسية بين الأطراف المعنية.

حضر اللقاء عدد من أصحاب السعادة أعضاء الوفد الرسمي المرافق.

كما حضره من الجانب الماليزي عدد من أصحاب السعادة الوزراء.


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