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Qatar condemns stabbing incident at a railway station in Amsterdam

قطر تدين هجوما بسكين في محطة للقطارات بهولندا

Doha: The State of Qatar has strongly condemned a knife stabbing incident in a railway station in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, In which two American citizens were seriously injured.

In a statement today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated the State of Qatar’s firm stance rejecting violence and terrorism, regardless of motives and reasons.

The statement expressed Qatar’s wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured.

On August 31, a 19-year-old person pulled out a knife and stabbed two people, seriously injuring them. The suspect was then shot by police, right after the violent crime took place. Witnesses said that the incident began as an argument on a train platform, which then escalated.

أعربت دولة قطر عن إدانتها واستنكارها الشديدين لهجوم بسكين في محطة للقطارات بالعاصمة الهولندية أمستردام، أسفر عن إصابة أمريكيين اثنين بجروح خطيرة.

وجددت وزارة الخارجية، في بيان اليوم، موقف دولة قطر الثابت من رفض العنف والإرهاب مهما كانت الدوافع والأسباب.

وعبر البيان عن تمنيات دولة قطر للجريحين بالشفاء العاجل.;

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