Over 143,000 register for road to 2022 volunteer initiative

١٤٣ ألفاً تقدموا للتطوع في مونديال ٢٠٢٢

DOHA: The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s volunteer initiative has been hailed as an overwhelming success after more than 143,000 people registered within the opening week.

In total 143,967 people have so far signed up to the initiative, which invites people from Qatar, the region and the world to register their interest in becoming a volunteer on the road to 2022.

It was launched on Sunday, September 2, and will remain open, as excitement around first FIFA World Cup to be held in the Arab world continues to gather pace.

Mead Al Emadi, the SC’s Community Engagement Manager, said the instant success of the programme and diversity of applicants is further proof of Qatar 2022’s strong regional appeal, SC reported on its official website yesterday.

“Football is the worlds game, and we have said from day one of the 2022 FIFA World Cup bidding process that this would be a tournament not only for Qatar, but also the entire MENA region and Asia.

“The incredible number of people we have seen register their interest already and breadth of backgrounds and nationalities among them further demonstrates this to be the case. I am pleased to say the launch has already been an overwhelming success.”

She continued: “This is only the beginning though. The portal will remain open so I encourage anyone who is interested in playing a part during these exciting years in the history of our region to visit www.seeyouin2022.qa and get involved. I can promise it will be a wholly rewarding experience.”

Of the thousands of would-be volunteers to register, more than 160 nationalities were represented, with 22 MENA nations among them, including Qatari, Omani, Jordanian, Saudi Arabian, Emirati and Bahraini once again outlining the universal appeal the biggest sporting event to ever take place in the region brings with it.

More than 7,200 Qatari nationals were among those to put their names forward to volunteer, while over 10,000 Omanis and 9,800 Jordanians also applied.

There has also been 12,000 Egyptians, 10,500 Moroccans and 8,000 Algerians, making up the highest represented North African nations.

With over 20,000 applicants, India is the best represented country by nationality while the most common age range of applicants was among the 18-25-year-old bracket.

Volunteers can register and contribute towards numerous Qatar 2022 milestones, including stadium launches and test events. They will support a range of functions, including event management, hospitality, marketing, communications, audience management, security, medical services and more.

The SC’s event to launch volunteer registration also hosted a panel session involving Mohammed Saadon Al Kuwari, Ambassador of SC; Faisal Al Shanfari from Oman and member of the Arab Federation for Voluntary Activities; and Mohamed Essoussi, from Tunisia, who was a volunteer during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Essoussi, who spent time volunteering with FIFA’s anti-doping unit during Russia 2018, said: “There are many advantages to volunteering. It gives you the chance to meet people from all over the world. You also have the opportunity to represent your country and region.I volunteered as I wanted to give a good image of Arab youth. Now I have returned from Russia, I feel very proud at what I achieved.”

سجل ما يزيد على 140 ألف فرد اهتمامهم بالتطوع في الرحلة نحو استضافة بطولة كأس العالم لكرة القدم قطر 2022، وذلك خلال الأسبوع الأول من إعلان اللجنة العليا فتح باب التسجيل أمام الراغبين في المساهمة في جهود الاستعداد لاستضافة البطولة. وتشير الإحصائيات إلى أن المسجلين يمثلون أكثر من 160 جنسية، منهم مسجلون من 22 دولة من دول الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا. وسجل في مبادرة التطوع أكثر من 7.200 قطري، و10.000 عُماني، و9.800 أردني، و12.000 مصري، وحوالي 10.000 مغربي، و8.000 جزائري. وتصدّر الأفراد من ذوي الجنسية الهندية قائمة المسجلين بأكثر من 20.000 فرد من أنحاء العالم كافة. ويتراوح متوسط عمر المسجلين بين 18 و25 عاماً. وقالت ميعاد العمادي، مديرة التواصل المجتمعي في اللجنة العليا إن أبواب التسجيل ما زالت مفتوحة أمام الراغبين، وأضافت: «أحث المهتمين كافة على المساهمة في التحضير لهذا الحدث الرياضي العالمي واغتنام هذه الفرصة وصولاً إلى عام 2022. ولا شك أن تجربة التطوع في الطريق نحو استضافة أول بطولة كأس العالم لكرة القدم في الوطن العربي ستكون فريدة من نوعها».;

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