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Benefits of Drinking Green Coffee

فوائد القهوة الخضراء

Coffee is a desired beverage worldwide. Its two forms give the benefits of drinking coffee which include arabica – highly regarded and robusta – much stronger. Coffee is available either in the form of black/brown coffee or green coffee. Benefits of drinking coffee are provided by both types of coffees.

Benefits OF Drinking Coffee

There is large number of benefits of drinking coffee as given below:

Energy boost-up
Scientific studies have proved that consumption of coffee activates many brain functions due to the bioactivity of its components which results in increase in energy levels, mood, cognitive function, etc.

Green coffee Weight loss
Being overweight is a common problem these days. Chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans helps to maintain the fatty acid profile in the body by increasing metabolism of fat to convert it into energy. This way, the fat deposits inside the body are removed that ultimately result in weight loss.

Green coffee Lowering Diabetes

Another benefit of drinking coffee is the decrease in risk of the development of type 2 diabetes. Chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans lowers blood glucose levels, thus, reducing the risk of diabetes. Similarly, regular consumption of green coffee, especially two times a day, means consuming chlorogenic acid which majorly helps to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of Drinking Green Coffee Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease involving the disturbance of neural motor system. The antioxidants present in green coffee beans extract are very helpful to lower the suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Green coffee Benefits Liver disease

Another benefit of drinking coffee is for people with liver disease. It helps to lower the risk of liver damage as the antioxidants present in green coffee (such as chlorogenic acid) detoxify the liver. This detoxification on regular basis ensures that you don’t suffer from any kind of liver damage, including liver cancer, too.

Green Coffee Beans extract

Green coffee beans chosen for preparing coffee are also used for preparing green coffee beans extract which can further be used to prepare green coffee and green coffee beans supplements as well. The major bioactive component of green coffee beans extract is chlorogenic acid. This component is responsible for providing most of the benefits of drinking coffee or consuming its supplements. The percent of chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans extract varies from process to process.

green coffee price

Green coffee price is much economical for a common person. You can see yourself that the green coffee price is much in the range of everyone’s pocket. Instead of wasting money on medicines for curing diseases, it is better to consume economical beverage of this date i.e. green coffee, which is cheaper as well as it provides you all the benefits of drinking coffee. So, what else would be better for the body than consuming the cost-effective and biologically beneficial drink?

Why Choose A Green Coffee

Both black coffee and green coffee provide required benefits of drinking coffee. So, why choose a green coffee? Black coffee has risks that originate from caffeine in it. Caffeine is advantageous in some situations but risky in more ones. Moreover, the healthy components of coffee seeds become denatured in the roasting process of seeds to provide them their characteristic color i.e. black/brown.Green coffee is prepared from washed and clear green coffee beans extract. The green beans of coffee are much healthier than brown/black beans of coffee. Being prepared from green coffee beans extract, it contains all the beneficial bioactive components of coffee seeds such as chlorogenic acid.

Type of Green Coffee

To gain benefits of drinking coffee, you can drink any kind of green coffee including a cold type of green coffee and hot type of green coffee. Variation in type of green coffee comes from its preparation. People choose different ways of preparing green coffee.

A type of green coffee prepared from Whole beans
A type of green coffee prepared from Green coffee beans extract (liquid)
A type of green coffee prepared from Green coffee beans powder
Any of the above-given types of green coffee is healthy to gain benefits of drinking coffee.

source: grecobe.com

القهوة الخضراء هي القهوة الغير محمصة فعند تحميصها تفقد قيمتها الغذائية والعناصر الهامة بيها، فهي غنية بحمض الكلوروجينيك أحد مضادات الأكسدة القوية، وأيضا لها فوائد عديدة.

أهم فوائد القهوة الخضراء…

1- للبشرة:

تحمي من ظهور علامات الشيخوخة وتلف الأنسجة، كما تساعد في زيادة الحمض الأميني في البلازما، تمد البشرة بالنضارة والصفاء وذلك بسبب الفيتامينات الموجودة بها.

2- للرجيم:

تساعد القهوة الخضراء في نزول الوزن مع اتباع نظام غذائي، وذلك بسبب حمض الكلوروجينيك الذي يساعد على التخلص من الوزن الزائد، ويمكن شرب فنجان من القهوة قبل الإفطار بنصف ساعة لمدة ثلاث أشهر، بإضافة حبوب القهوة إلي الماء ووضعها على النار لحين الغليان ثم تصفيتها وشربها، أو تناول كبسولات القهوة الخضراء يمكن شرائها من الصيدليات.

3- مرضي السكري:

تعمل القهوة الخضراء على خفض مستوى السكر والأنسولين في الدم، لاحتوائها على حمض الكلوروجينيك المسؤول على نقل سكر الجلوكوز في الدم.

4- فوائد صحية أخري:

تساعد في الحد من مشاكل المعدة، وتنظيف الجهاز الهضمي، كما تساهم بشكل ملحوظ في خفض ضغط الدم، وأيضا تحسن من أداء وظائف الكبد، وتنقي الجسم من السموم.

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