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Colombia landslide: At least 17 killed

17 قتيلًا بانهيار أرضي في كولومبيا


At least 17 people have been killed by a landslide on Sunday in south-western Colombia, officials say.

Five others were injured and several houses destroyed in the town of Rosas in the Cauca region.

The landslide happened after days of torrential rains hit the region and authorities are continuing to search the rubble.

Landslides are common in the Latin American country, especially during the annual rainy season.

“Unfortunately this happens when you least expect it and, because of the rainy season that we have seen, this is what happens,” said the town’s mayor, Jesus Diaz.

As well as looking for survivors, authorities are clearing debris which is blocking a major local highway.

Colombian President Iván Duque visited the town on Sunday. He told reporters that medical assistance and alternative housing was being arranged for those caught up in the landslide.

“These are difficult times, but we are united as a country to help them,” said Mr Duque in a tweet.

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ارتفعت حصيلةُ قتلى انهيار أرضي، وقع جنوبَ غرب كولومبيا، إلى 17 شخصًا، طبقًا لما ذكرته خدمات الطوارئ. ونجم الانهيار الأرضي عن أمطار غزيرة، هطلت الثلاثاء الماضي، في قرية «سان ميجل» في مقاطعة «نارينو» بالقرب من حدود كولومبيا مع الإكوادور. وذكرت الوحدة الوطنيّة لإدارة مخاطر الكوارث أنَّ 17 شخصًا، لقوا حتفهم، في الانهيار الأرضي، بينما أُصيب ثمانية آخرون. وفي الوقت نفسه، ذكرت هيئة الحماية المدنيّة أنه تمّ انتشال ستة أشخاص على الأقل أحياء.

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