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Rafeeq to Launch the Largest Campaign for Withdrawing Awards

Rafeeq launched a prize raffle campaign that offers two winners a chance to win two Land Cruisers 2022. The campaign includes a draw on all customers’ orders from restaurants, stores, the celebrity section and groceries by using the Rafeeq App, starting from August 25, 2021 until October 25, 2021. This allows all App’s users to participate in the draw.

The raffle does not need many terms or conditions other than ordering through the Rafeeq App repeatedly to enter the draw within the specified period. The draw for the winners will be online via the order number.

The first winner will get a 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser – GXR, and the second winner will get a 2022 – GX, according to the applicable terms, conditions and laws in the State of Qatar.

From his part, Mr. Abdulla Thamer Al-Hemaidi, CEO of Rafeeq Company, said, “The initiation of this campaign is an integral part of the company’s social responsibility towards the local community to reward them with valuable prizes. We are pleased to always provide the best for our customers, as they are the main factor behind the company’s success and continuity.”

Rafeeq confirmed that the timing of this campaign was coordinated with people returning from their summer vacations and the approaching back-to-school season to give enthusiasm and bring joy to customers through their participation.

The company also provided an opportunity to participate in the raffle for all customers who ordered by using the App during the specified period of the competition. The final raffle for the winner will be held on the morning of November 1, 2021, in the presence of a representative from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to supervise the draw for the two cars.

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